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Online course: homemade pasta at Pastificio Tosatti

Apr 2020 • By Flavia Coe • 0 Comments

Most restaurants in Berlin currently have disruptions in their service due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Some of them are still offering takeaway or pick up. Pastificio Tosatti, a homemade pasta restaurant located in Prenzlauerberg, decided to close its doors for a while, but they found a creative way of entertaining and feeding their customers through an online pasta course. I had the pleasure of joining the Gnocchi class this last Saturday, and I had a lot of fun, not to mention the delicious lunch ready at the end of it. 

Pastificio Tosatti usually offers pasta courses in house, followed by dinner with our creations. I did one of their workshops last year, where I did tons of tortellini. I have to say that tortellini is not the easiest pasta to create. It demands some strength and patience. Overall, the experience was great, and I even brought some leftover Tortellini and pasta home.


Gnocchis, on the other hand, are pretty easy to make. It also involves patience, but the dough is easier to manipulate. And adding fillings for the Gnocchi can be a lot of fun. I’m happy I had some Gorgonzola at home, which was properly used as filling for my pasta. Matteo Tosatti, the owner of the shop, also suggests other ingredients, such as and walnuts, fontina, asiago, emmenthal and taleggio.

In case you are wondering how much it costs, it might come as shocking news that their online workshop is completely free, and they have a new one scheduled for this Saturday, 18th of April. This time, we’ll make Pici Toscani (handmade spaghetti). I will be online for sure, with my flour, eggs and accessories ready and waiting for the instructions. I’ll obviously be super ready to eat it all afterwards.


You can find all information about registration here. If you can’t make it this weekend, just keep an eye on their website, because they might offer other courses on the weekends to come. It doesn’t matter where you are. As long as you have internet you can join! If online cooking is not your thing, maybe you plan a visit to the restaurant as soon as this craziness ends. The pasta is absolutely amazing, all handmade, and the small restaurant is really charming. 



Thanks, Matteo, for the online workshop, and see you on Saturday. 

Pastificio Tosatti is located at Schliemannstraße 14A, 10437 Berlin

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