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Fall in Berlin: perfect weather for a cinnamon roll

Oct 2018 • By Flavia Coe • 2 Comments

I honestly can’t remember who told me about the cinnamon roll from Zeit für Brot for the first time, but I should definitely thank this person for introducing me to this flavour explosion in a bread shape. This pastry, known in Germany as Zimt-Schnecke, is an absolute must eat on rainy and sad days, especially now that the Indian summer is over and we seem to be getting closer and closer to winter.

 In fact, I believe this delicacy is a must eat during any season, but it seems to taste better when you are having one of those days.

I have to admit that my obsession started with the cinnamon roll but now I am more of a fan of the chocolate roll, in German Schoko-Schnecke. If you are not a big fan of cinnamon nor chocolate like me, don’t worry. There are so many pastry options in this bakery that a visit will be sure to guarantee a touch of sweetness to your autumn or winter days. Just to mention a few examples of their delicious menu, they also offer other types of roll flavours such almond and carrot or apple and cinnamon, not to mention the gorgeous selection of bread, croissant, sandwiches and chocolate brioches.

Apart from all the delicious food, other details I appreciate about the place is its incredible selection of loose tea from the German specialised shop Paper and Tea, and also the interiors of the bakery, especially from the more spacious PrenzlauerBerg branch. So, if you are feeling a bit low this season, don’t forget to give some of these deliciousness a try.

Zeit für Brot has three branches in Berlin and a few others in Germany.

The one from the picture is located at Schönhauser Allee 144, 10435 Berlin.

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  1. Pooja Ghosh
    11/07/21 - 14h25

    I LOVE this blog! Why did you stop creating content here?

    • Flavia Coe
      29/07/21 - 18h01

      Hey lady! Its back. The blog needed a break. 🙂

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